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Increase your profits with windscreens!

Windscreens improve conditions for livestock and increase your profits. These light-weight screens help block out the wind, protecting livestock and providing a clean, dry area to feed and bed in.

Benefits of this light-weight, durable product:

  • Reduces the percentage of sick livestock by blocking wind in corrals, pastures, and open-sided barns.  it also provides windscreen and shade for livestock and helps to control manure distribution

  • Provides livestock safety and management by creating visual barriers for crowding pens, gates, chutes, alleyways and for cattle at roping, cuttings, and other equestrian events

  • Provides shade and comfort for dogs and other small animals

  • Provides shade and protection for carports, patios, baseball dugouts, grandstands and stages

Easy to Install:  Windscreens are made from tough durable polypropylene screen material with 2" 400# DOT seat belt webbing reinforced edges and grommets for easy installation. Winscreens are easy to assemble and save money by attaching directly to portable panels or permanent fencing.

Available in a variety of sizes:  Available in lenths up to 100" and widths from 49" to 72" or can come in widths of 10 and 12 feet.  Standard height is 57" but is also available in other heights upon request.

Pricing: $.75/per square foot

For additional information contact Darrel Phillips