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Water Installation

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With a Petersen Waterer your worries are over!

The durability of a Petersen Livestock Waterer does not rely solely on the 3/8" welded rebar cage aned the 5000 P.S.I. strength concrete. Petersen's air-entrained concrete is designed for expansion and contraction during temperature changes of eliminate cracking and deterioration.  Receive a 5-year warranty with your new waterer.

  • Deluxe Hinged Hood
    Insulated, Hands-Free access year-round
  • Epoxy Coated
    The entire tank is coated inside and out for easier cleaning, maintenance, and protection
  • Large 3" Drains
    Quick-flush drains insure total cleanout through the drain
  • Large Access Doors
    Heavy Duty Insulated plastic door, allows for easy installation and service
  • Extruded Polysrene Insulation up to 2"
    Permanently bonded to concrete, has a much higher R value than expanded foam
  • Heat Pit
    (Available) 18" to 36" diameter, 4' to 12', deep depending on region, insulate the top 24", protects riser pipe.  10" dual tube available for TB-I and TB-II.
  • Top Adjustable Thermostats and Heaters
    Grounded, C.S.A. approved, encaloy sheath, immersion type, 120 volt, with just the right wattage for energy efficiency, 220 volt option
  • Smooth, Rounded Edges
    Elimates injury to animals
  • Both Brass and Plastic Valves Available
    For fast reliable water recovery, meets grade A dairy requirements
  • Reinforced Concrete
    5000 P.S.I. rebar reinforced, air-entrained, and painted black for solar heat on sunny days
  • Air-tight Seal
    Roof cement or other, no bolts needed 

Wiring Diagram (Instructions Below)

Helpful Instructions on Installing & Maintenance
of Petersen Livestock Waterers

Thermostat:  Is present at the factory to 40 degrees F.  Adjustable thermostats with setscrew top can be turned up by turning the setscrew counter-clockwise and vise versa. 1/4 turn is 15 degrees (app.)

Heating Element:  Your local electrical code must be followed.  The diagram below will be helpful, to a qualified person, to make the initial hook-up (Proper grounding is a must).  The wiring should be routed away from heating elements.

Auxiliary Heater:  If recommeded, installed below ground level or inside waterer to insure against pipe line freeze-up in adverse weather conditions.  This is especially necessary in situations where the heat pit beneath the waterer is not enough to allow sufficient ground heat to keep the line from freezing.  NOTE:  Size of heat pit may range from 12" to 36" in diameter depending on geographical region.

Keeping Elements Clean:  Each season before reconnecting the elements, make sure the electricity is turned off.  With the power turned off remove water deposit buildup with steel wool or wire brush.  Keeping the heater and thermostat clean on an annual basis will help to maintain efficient heat and will greatly extend the life of the element.

Securing Waterer to Pad:  It is recommended that the waterer be placed on a concrete pad.  Before setting the waterer in place, use a generous amount of roofing tar or equal, on bottom edge of unit.  When set in place, this will insure an airtight seal between the waterer and pad, helping to keep the waterer in position.

Important Optional Features Available:  Other products are available from manufacturer which will make installation and maintenance easier.  These include Auxiliary Pipe Heaters, 18" Dia. Dual Wall Earth Tube (Heat Pit), and QuickConnect Water Hoses.